Fig Leaf Florist – Cotswolds


A personalised service with Fig Leaf is a way in which you can be involved with the creativity. Do you have a garden full of flowers, shrubs and trees? Do you have an event or wedding on the horizon? Fig Leaf offers a consult to discuss with you what can be used from your garden. Let’s talk flowers – how much do you want to be involved in the creativity for your event? Whether it’s cutting foliage and prepping or making the arrangements. It’s fun! Fig Leaf will guide you through the process and make it happen.

The photos below are from a summer wedding where Fig Leaf did exactly this. The brides family came from Norway and the grooms family from England. They had the marquee installed on their lawn with ideas on how to decorate it. The hanging foliage installations in the marquee were made by the families after they were shown how to and guided through the process. The jars of flowers on the trestle table were all picked from the garden on-site. These were grown specifically for the wedding by the grooms mother. The pew ends were made by family friends, again, once they were shown how. Bouquets/buttonholes and flower arch were made by Fig Leaf. 

It’s another way to flower a wedding. Much more personal to sit down at the wedding breakfast and know you and your family were involved. The stories that this adds to the wedding memories are priceless. It’s all about the coming together, the gathering that makes this so very special. 


The Bride & Groom Hanna & Tim

Teresa has a very special and wonderful approach to flower arrangements. She had a vision which suited our venue, our outfits and most importantly, our personalities. Under her guidance we helped with picking and arranging the general decorations. She put together an incredible set of bouquets and church decorations, based around the idea of using flowers grown in our garden and surrounding area. She is also a wonderful person to work with. So highly recommended!